Hugo Sebastian Hirsch

My writing career has undergone many changes over the years, none of which I could have reasonably foreseen when I first began so long ago. As a writer working for several different publications, I imagined that my duties would eventually narrow to a specific area of interest before I moved on to a role as an editor or, if I was a bit more daring, as a publisher. As I moved closer to retirement, I saw myself reducing my responsibilities in order to have time to write the novel that had been incubating in my mind for so many years. Instead, I gave up on the traditional publications and moved into a medium that has provided me with a creative platform ever since.

Had it all worked out the way I had originally planned, I can’t imagine that I would be disappointed. After all, the career arc I imagined for myself still looks pretty good upon reflection. I am, however, so incredibly grateful to have moved into blogging full-time. There is tremendous creative freedom in blogging, and even though I produced some of my best work while under a rapidly approaching deadline, I do not miss the pressure or stress associated with time ticking away.

Since I have experience in the traditional publishing world and in the world of blogging, I am often asked about my preferences relating to each. No matter how many times I am asked, I always find this question troublesome and often give answers that change over time. I have never considered leaving my career as a blogger to return to traditional publishing, so I must prefer blogging on the whole. While that may be true, I cannot say that one is better than the other. Instead, there are differences that make each one unique, and I believe there are tremendous benefits for writers who publish through multiple mediums.

In this blog, I intend to cover a variety of topics relating to successful blogging. These topics will address everything that goes into blogging, including technology, marketing, and, of course, writing. The goal is to make this blog a comprehensive resource for aspiring bloggers, and readers are encouraged to make requests regarding the subjects that I address in future posts. I hope that this blog is able to offer valuable information that makes successful blogging that much easier, and I am certainly looking forward to sharing the lessons I have learned through every professional success and failure.