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26 Oct

Can WordPress Ever Fail? Not For Awhile!

Some people may believe that WordPress, as good and helpful as it is, will last for as long as the internet is alive. Others believe the opposite. Nations fall throughout the centuries and so do grand businesses no matter how large or powerful. Rome was the center of power for a very long time and […]
26 Oct

Why WordPress is One of My Favorite Tools

I’ve learned a few things since I have started blogging a while back and one of those most important things I’ve learned is blogging is made easier with a few tools. One of my favorite blogging tools today is without a doubt, WordPress. Just about 10% of sites that are made use the WordPress Platform […]
26 Oct

Why Twitter is a Successful Tool

Twitter has grown and expanded so much within the past 5 years, but have you ever wondered why? Have you noticed that Twitter has become a place where business and professional minds flock to in order to broadcast to the world? Twitter is another outlet┬áthat brings together current and possible customers. This is amazing news […]