Author: Hugo Sebastian Hirch

26 Oct

Why WordPress is One of My Favorite Tools

I’ve learned a few things since I have started blogging a while back and one of those most important things I’ve learned is blogging is made easier with a few tools. One of my favorite blogging tools today is without a doubt, WordPress. Just about 10% of sites that are made use the WordPress Platform […]
26 Oct

Why Twitter is a Successful Tool

Twitter has grown and expanded so much within the past 5 years, but have you ever wondered why? Have you noticed that Twitter has become a place where business and professional minds flock to in order to broadcast to the world? Twitter is another outlet┬áthat brings together current and possible customers. This is amazing news […]
10 Sep

Book in progress

I’ve begun writing a new book. It will be a guide to blogging and will have tips and tricks on how to build a big blog that will make big bucks! That sentence gives you a hint at what the title will be! Connect with me on LinkedIn if you haven’t yet.