How to Generate Leads for Your Personal Injury Practice via a Blog

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7 Feb

How to Generate Leads for Your Personal Injury Practice via a Blog

Winters and Yonkers
In just a few decades, the internet has greatly transformed the way we do business and gather and disseminate information. Web resources like blogs have helped many businesses enhance their presence online and strengthen their relationship with prospects and existing clients. According to, out of 2 billion web users, a staggering 77% read blogs. Closer to the to the legal practice, 25% of all law firms in the US maintain law blogs while only 7% of lawyers have personal blogs tied to their profession. Due to the existing potential, a law practice can use a blog to transform readers into leads and enhance the credibility of the practice in the eyes of the public.

If your law practice specializes in personal injury, you can make it more engaging by blogging about interesting topics relating to personal injury. You can expand the scope your discussions to include other topics besides law in order to co-opt readers interested in other things. When blogging about matters law, remember to discuss critical legal topics designed to educate or inform the masses without specifically targeting an individual, community or business. Since the blog provides a perfect opportunity to engage the public directly, there are certain things you must pay attention to. When responding to your reader’s queries try as much as possible to refer them to a licensed, local attorney. The other strategy is adding an appropriate disclaimer at the bottom of every post.

How to generate leads to your personal injury law firm
It is important to reiterate that personal injury law firms offer critical legal services to persons injured owing to the negligence of another person or entity. The claims handled by personal injury lawyers stem from various causes, including traffic collisions, workplace injury, slips and falls and defective products. Since there is a lot to discuss, any law firm regardless of size can go online to educate or sensitize the public about their services and thereafter generate crucial leads that promise long-term success. According to New Media Campaign, the following web optimization strategies can make a blog operated by a legal practice increase engagement and leads:

Choose responsive web design
A growing number of people going online today use mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablets. Statistics indicate that 50% of all web traffic in 2015 emanated from mobile users. To take advantage of this growing traffic, blogs need to be responsive to the legions mobile users by displaying different screen resolutions. Remember, a responsive website can go a long way to ease navigation and enhance overall user experience.

Link your practice areas with valuable content 
Content marketing is critical to the overall success of any blog. A good content should be valuable and consistent to keep your blog fresh, engaging and SEO friendly. You can score more points by adding content linked to your practice areas and other items your readers will find helpful. Common topics that you may consider include safety tips when riding a motorcycle, how to get emergency medical assistance when traveling overseas and so forth.

Get quick, easy and convenient contact method
To encourage more leads, a blog must give prospects many ways of getting in touch. The most effective methods include phone, chat, web form and email. Personal injury and family law firms are encouraged to use this tool more aggressively because of the sizable number of prospects seeking assistance. For greater visibility, phone number and address can be added to website headers, email addresses, web pages and contact forms.

Add client testimonials
Although the success of a law firm has traditionally been hinged on positive word of mouth and referral, a successful blog can open new grounds in ways never experienced before. One way to do this is using client testimonials to grow leads. The process involves adding written and video testimonials to add personality, trust, and credibility to a site. To enhance SEO rankings, you can also encourage satisfied clients to leave positive reviews on business platforms like Bing Places of Business and Google My Business Listings.

Winters and Yonkers
The personal injury practice is incredibly complex and remains one of the most litigious sections of the law. Winters and Yonkers law firm uses a simple strategy to help clients get the compensation they deserve. The strategy is grounded on experience and dedication to protecting the interest of the clients. For over 13 years, the firm’s personal injury attorney Tampa has been helping injured person’s recover money damages and other claims caused by negligence or carelessness of others. The clients served by the aggressive legal team include those who have suffered brain injury, wrongful death, and debilitating injury. To book your free initial consultation or learn more about personal injury attorney Tampa, call (813) 223 6200 or visit Winters and Yonkers blog for latest information and news.

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