4 Business Strategy Tips For New Bloggers

23 Jun

4 Business Strategy Tips For New Bloggers

New bloggers are often so enthusiastic about getting to do what they love, that they fail to consider the business aspects of working as a blogger. The key here is that blogging professional is a business, and needs to be treated as such. Bloggers not only need to focus on writing great content, but also on the many aspects of running a business! Here are some business strategy tips for new bloggers!

1. Know Your Numbers By Tracking Profit And Loss

This might seem like the most obvious strategic tip, but it is still important to say. Even when people know that they should know their numbers,they often fail to follow through with implementing a strategy that will actually work. Freelance bloggers need to use accounting software in order to track their profits and losses. Accounting software like Quickbooks Online is affordable and you can pay monthly, Other programs like Freshbooks even offer free services that can do some minimal tracking. Businesses operate by offering a product or service for profit. All expenses are considered losses. Profit and loss numbers will help you gauge the health of your freelance blogging business, as well as keep you on track in terms of what you owe for taxes.

2. Invest Profit Back Into Your Blogging Business In Order To Grow

For a person just writing blog posts as a hobby, it is fine to only create content in between other paying gigs or career activities. In contrast, for a blogger who is passionate about earning a living by blogging , it is important to take some of the profit from your writing, and invest it back in to your blogging business. Through wise investment, you can grow. The resources offered on the website for Capital Alliance can help you learn about business finances. If you are thinking about taking your business to the next level, but need some capital in order to get started, consider investigating the options that are available out there for small business loans. Research, read, and learn all that you can about finances for small businesses.

3. Market Yourself

Great business owners know the power of marketing. You could be the best blogger in the world, and yet not find success in the field of blogging simply because you didn’t know how to market yourself. As an independent artist, you will need to have a website for yourself, and be easily accessible. Think about getting some business cards as well. Think about how information travels on the internet, and begin to use a strategic marketing plan in order to boost your readership.

4. Think About Where You Want To Be In Five Years

Businesses need to have a vision. What do you want your life to look like in five years? As a blogger, you are in a relatively new career space and enjoy the freedom of making your own rules when it comes to lifestyle and career options. The two are not separate. Deciding what you want your life to look like will help you see more clearly what you want your work situation to be. When you are a blogger, you are a business person with a product. Your product is your blog. Do you want to offer more products? Do you want the quality of your product to improve? Do you want to hire a team to help you get your product into the hands of customers? How many hours a day do you want to be working? What else do you want to be doing? Think about what you want your life and business to look like, and then let this vision guide your business choices.