Here’s Is How To Land The Perfect Engagement Ring

1 May

Here’s Is How To Land The Perfect Engagement Ring

Many men face difficult times while searching for an engagement ring and this is partly because they are not sure about what their partners want. This delays the process of buying the right ring because they spend more time thinking about what she might like for an engagement ring. However, it does not necessarily have to be complicated as some people tend to think. There are simple ideas you can embrace to make it easier to choose an engagement ring for your partner. Here are tips that can help you to not only choose the right ring, but also do so within a shorter period of time.

You need to consult her friends

Knowing what your girlfriend loves is not easy, so to get accurate information you have to consult her friends, who have been spending a considerable amount of time with her. Most of them understand her preferences when it comes to choosing jewelry and are at a perfect position to assist you while searching for an engagement ring. You can also invite them to accompany you to jewelry stores like Inspired Silver where they will guide you on choosing the right ring.

Get her size right

Choosing the right size of an engagement ring matters a lot and shows you are in great contact with your partner. However, not all the times you go out to shop for an engagement ring you have the right information about the size your partner wears. You can easily measure her size by picking one of the rings she wears often then recording its size. Alternatively, you can time her while asleep to measure the size of her finger. Don’t make the mistake of estimating her size unless you are sure the ring will fit perfectly.

Listen to her carefully

Before buying an engagement ring, you should also pay attention to the ideas your partner has about engagement rings and jewelry in general. To know what she likes, listen to her ideas while commenting about engagement rings. You can also go a step further to ask her to join you while browsing for engagement rings and through this process you will know what she loves. You will be able to choose a perfect engagement ring for her without necessarily calling for support from any of her friends.

Put quality first

There is a lot of confusion especially among first-time buyers and this stems from the fact that all diamond appears the same until you dig deeper to know what lies beneath the sparkling appearance. You need to verify quality to ensure the material listed by the jeweler is what is used in the ring. If you find this challenging, you can ask one of your friends who got engaged to help you identify the right quality. Through him, you can also learn about shops that are reputable where you will get the best quality engagement rings at affordable rates. So, you don’t need to rush into buying unless you have sufficient information to make a decision.