John Ross Jesensky Sees Opportunity for Music Bloggers in Ian McKellen’s New App

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Sir Ian McKellen is widely regarded as one of the greatest Shakespearean performers currently working on both the stage and screen, and it is certainly the case that he has been a source of inspiration for countless individuals with acting aspirations. For John Ross Jesensky, it was the recent release of McKellen’s app that served as the source of inspiration, as it spurred an idea similar to McKellen’s that could be easily applied to music.

McKellen’s app is essentially designed to make Shakespeare’s plays more accessible to a broader audience, with McKellen admitting that the Bard’s works are not always so easily understood without a great deal of assistance from an expert on the subject. Jesensky believes that this kind of approach to a music app could be similarly helpful to those who wish to learn how to read and play music but do not have easy access to a musician willing to lend a helping hand. For music bloggers seeking to expand their audience, using McKellen’s app as a template could prove to be an exceptionally effective strategy.