Nick Alsis Visits Artist Michael Mally

6 Apr

Nick Alsis Visits Artist Michael Mally

Michael Mally is a San Diego based artist who features his work in various galleries around the world including a recent installation in Honduras.

Nick Alsis is an art lover who recently sat down with Michael John Mally to ask a few questions.

Nick: Outside of art, what do you enjoy?

Michael J.: I love the outdoors. That’s one of the benefits to having my art featured in Honduras, it was a wonderful place, I love the people, the weather, the beaches and just being there.

Nicholas Alsis: Tell me about the home you recently purchased.

Mike John Mally: This home sits squarely in La Jolla. It’s a great community, very vibrant and lively. You don’t live in La Jolla if you need to leave quickly as there is often a lot of traffic. It needs to be a slower pace of life but that works perfectly for me.

Nick Alsis: Thanks for taking the time

Michael Mally: No problem, thanks also to Hugo Sebastian Hirsch for connecting us!

Here are some recent pictures from Michael Mally.