Investors Underground Review – Objective and Balanced

9 Feb

Investors Underground Review – Objective and Balanced

Offering an Objective Investors Underground Review

When assessing any product or service offering, my default position tends to be that of a skeptic (even the SEC suggests proceeding with caution!), and this is especially the case when it comes to matters relating to finance and investment strategy. After hearing about Investors Underground and listening to the consistently positive feedback its members had reported, I maintained my normal sense of skepticism, but I must admit that I became much more curious about the services the company offers to traders.

Hardest part about today is sitting on hands and being patient – Nathan Michaud, Twitter

So when I joined Investors Underground, I did so with a bit of apprehension. I had some experience day trading in the past, but never with the kind of success that so many seemed to have had with this particular opportunity. I talked it over with some of the existing members I already knew prior to joining, and they assured me that previous experience or success is not necessary for reaping the rewards of membership with Investors Underground.

In this review I will discuss my personal experience as a member of Investors Underground, including my assessment of each of the company’s following service offerings:

  • Chat room access
  • Daily watch lists
  • Webinars and training courses
  • Blog posts and video lessons

My experience with Investors Underground has been entirely positive, but, as I mentioned already, I did enter the program with a healthy amount of apprehension and skepticism. I will also discuss how any concerns I had were eased in the review that follows.

On My Initial Feelings of Apprehension

I take pride in performing due diligence before parting with any of my hard-earned income, so I thoroughly researched the company and read every Investors Underground review I could find. While the overwhelming majority of the reviews were entirely positive with regard to the program, the people and the information provided, I also came across a few negative reviews that planted seeds of doubt.

Investors Underground CEO Nathan Michaud
Investors Underground CEO Nathan Michaud on

With the mind of a skeptic, just the slightest bit of negativity can be more than enough motivation to push me away, but I decided to pursue the opportunity simply out of respect for the members I spoke with directly who firmly believed in the efficacy of Investors Underground. This proved to be an excellent decision, and I can hardly imagine being in my current financial position had it not been for the insight and information I received through Investors Underground.

Just the slightest bit of negativity can be more than enough motivation to push me away, pursuing Investors Underground proved to be an excellent decision. – Sebastian Hirsch

The Chat Room and Its Sense of Community

After joining, I was most curious about the chat room hosted by Investors Underground, so I logged in to get a sense of the subject matter other members discussed throughout the trading day. I was quite surprised to find that every subject was absolutely relevant to day trading and there was no tolerance for off-topic discussions. This was quite a welcome change for me since I have never been part of an online community that did not ultimately devolve into discussions bearing no relevance to anything in particular.

Interestingly enough, this focused subject matter was still quite successful in establishing a clear sense of community among the many members and moderators. Any questions I had were answered quickly by more experienced members or moderators, and I never felt that my questions were unwelcome even when they had been addressed in the chat room many times before. I was also impressed with the sheer volume of information that was shared in the chat room, and I feel that the chat room alone is enough to make membership entirely worthwhile.

Stock Identification, Real-Time Alerts and Constant Access to Trading Resources

As someone who deeply appreciates access to vast amounts of data along with other useful resources, I was quite impressed with the attention to detail I found through Investors Underground. I came to greatly value the scanning tools to which I was given access and made frequent use of the daily watch lists in order to develop and deploy a strategy for each day of trading.

Investors Underground VideoAs a result, I felt that I was so thoroughly prepared for each day that my confidence soared in a way that I had not experienced during my previous forays into day trading. Even though I was still relatively new to trading in this manner I still felt completely in control of my success and was able to make the kinds of choices necessary for reaping a sizable financial reward at the close of every trading day.

I benefited a great deal from the information and other resources made available through Investors Underground, but the fact that it was provided in such a timely fashion really made a significant difference in the results I was able to achieve. I always felt one step ahead when making trading decisions and was grateful for the fact that the company clearly designed its program with an emphasis on providing frequent and actionable information to its members.

Clear Emphasis on Education

When I began posing questions in the chat rooms regarding strategies for day trading, I would often receive a direct answer along with a link to a relevant blog post or video lesson for further information. I quickly realized just how much information I now had access to and was impressed by the breadth of the subject matter included in the articles and lessons I read or viewed.

After exhausting my own research abilities, I decided to enroll in some of the trading courses offered by Investors Underground. Taking part in these courses really opened my eyes to a number of aspects relating to successful approaches to day trading, and it also underscored the fact that this company truly understands the value of educating its members in the most comprehensive way possible.

I enjoyed a tremendous amount of success throughout the entirety of my experience with Investors Underground and am especially grateful that I listened to the members who made the initial suggestion to join. While I had some modest success with day trading in the past, I never really understood just how much I still had to learn until I signed up for membership. Without the education I received or the help of the scans and daily watch lists, there is simply no possible way that I would be able to enjoy the kind of day trading success I have had thus far.

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