Set Your Blog Apart Through Creative Strategies and Techniques

22 Dec

Set Your Blog Apart Through Creative Strategies and Techniques

The number of active blogs has exploded at an exponential rate in recent years, with people from all walks of life starting their own websites to blog about a dizzying array of subjects with the goals ranging from simple recreation to long-term financial security. Corporations have also jumped into the game, particularly since they realized the importance of blogging for branding purposes along with its impact on the bottom line. The widespread popularity of blogging is undoubtedly a good thing, as it has become a completely viable platform for reaching broad audiences and is also quite capable of directly and indirectly generating revenue for individuals and businesses alike.

With the many positive developments of this increasing popularity come negative consequences as well, and it seems that many bloggers have adopted something of a formulaic approach to the platform that has created a sort of homogenization among bloggers. For every overwhelmingly popular blog there are countless others that try to achieve similar success by creating what can be best described as a carbon copy of the original. These sites will generate traffic and will be read by visitors, but they do not advance the practice of blogging and they do not allow bloggers to improve or evolve.

Utilizing a concept referenced by Ken Fisher and other experts, there is value and opportunity in doing things differently than others. In terms of the potential for success in blogging, it should be quite clear that readers are seeking sites that are capable of offering something new and different instead of something they have already seen in a variety of other places. In following a step-by-step strategy outlined by a blogger that has already achieved an impressive level of success, the potential audience can really only be those who have never been exposed to the original platform or its many subsequent copycats. This is why it is so important for bloggers to create something completely novel that reflects something about their own unique character that audiences have never seen before.

Of course, the strategies used by others to generate success in blogging should certainly not be ignored and it is hardly worthless in any way. New bloggers simply have to understand that the strategies used by other bloggers to achieve success should be viewed as general guidelines that can be modified, improved upon or used in a completely different manner. This allows new bloggers to avoid the most common mistakes made by “rookies” while also bringing something new and different to the marketplace that appeals to readers in part because it represents a divergence from the familiar into something creative and innovative.

There is a risk in taking a creative approach that ventures outside of the norm, and this is true in just about every industry. People tend to be more comfortable with that which is familiar, but there is nothing special about playing it safe. Blogging should be a creative industry in which boundaries are pushed and innovation valued, and new bloggers should be the ones who try to move the industry forward with new concepts and ideas.

It should be quite evident that there is simply more value in being the original version that other bloggers go on to copy, and there is a certain amount of pride involved in bringing a new idea to life in a way that is received so well. That feeling of pride makes working on the project incredibly enjoyable so that it hardly feels like work at all, so bloggers should aim to access their creative and innovative side when they decide to create a platform designed for the sharing of unique information and rare ideas.