Advertising in the 19th Century Would Be Tough for Kim Bettasso

I can’t imagine what it was like to have been a writer in the days before computers and social media to broadcast your work and upcoming work to millions of people instantly and freely. Can you even imagine what they had to go through in order to advertise, not only their work, but also to advertise themselves? I was doing a little bit of research on the subject, trying to learn how did writers get their work out to the public in the days before the internet, the days before Twitter and social media. It was a question that wouldn’t let me sleep and I found interest in.

Let’s think about publishing. Today, you can publish your own book or your own blog just fine For blogs, just click “Publish” and Bam, you’re done! Not really any problems you have to worry about running into because it’s just so simple nowadays. Sometime around 1440 to 1450, Germany invented printing, which is what people would call Germany’s greatest gift to the world. Many publishing places came into business from 1890 through 1900. Book publishing grew into a substantial industry and the selling of books became a forceful competition, whereas before it was a laid back, calm market. People would do anything and everything to advertise and sell their book. What do we do today? We put it up on Amazon, broadcast it to our social media accounts, sit back and wait and let the sales come to us by whoever is interested. The target market system we can set up on Facebook does the hard work for us by putting our written material, music, art, etc. in front of the right eyes of the right age group that would be most likely to make the purchase.

Take a look at Kim Bettasso and her profile. She has created this profile full of information that covers everything such as her work in the present and the past, her experience, qualifications, goals, and so much more. This reminds me a little of passive advertising vs active advertising. All she needs to do is put this profile in front of the right person or even let someone discover this profile over time and she could have a brand new client. It is so much easier today to advertise ourselves, our business and our services.