Hugo Sebastian Hirsch Looks Back On His First Foray Into Blogging

7 Sep

Hugo Sebastian Hirsch Looks Back On His First Foray Into Blogging

As a blogger with over a decade of experience, Hugo Sebastian Hirsch got into blogging almost by accident. A close friend pulled Hirsch into the world of online writing, as the blog he had started had become quite popular and there was an immediate need for additional content for the site. After accepting the invitation, Hirsch found a great deal of enjoyment in writing precisely what he wanted without any encumbrances or directives regarding topic selection. An established writer whose work was frequently featured in several print publications, Hirsch valued this newfound creative freedom tremendously.

bloggingWhile he still continued to write for traditional publications while also contributing to his friend’s blog, Hirsch carved out some extra time to create a site that was entirely his own. The new site found an audience almost immediately, particularly since Hirsch’s writing was already visible to a large audience across several online and print publications. The blog that Hirsch founded, however, was a stylistic departure from his previous work. The writer saw his blog as a creative outlet that allowed him to publish short stories along with excerpts from an in-progress novel he had worked on sparingly over the years.

That first blog benefited Hirsch tremendously. His work was being read by people who were very unlikely to pick up the publications for which he had previously written, and the medium ensured that Hirsch was able to express himself freely and truly. Not only did he continue to receive editorial feedback from the professionals in the publishing industry, but he was also able to receive instant analysis from his readers by remaining active in his site’s comment section. The ability to interact directly with readers strengthened his core audience significantly, as regular blog visitors became incredibly loyal and were more than happy to help promote anything Hirsch had written, whether it was posted to the site or not.

Of course, Hirsch’s first blog included a fair share of learning experiences. The writer was largely unfamiliar with web design back then, so the page layouts were not always perfect and the site was not always easy to navigate. This aspect of blogging was very new to Hirsch at the time, but the opportunity to learn firsthand has proved to be exceptionally valuable. Over a decade later, Hirsch has become one of the most successful and respected bloggers around, and he has now developed a blog that aspires to help both new and experienced bloggers experience the same kind of overwhelming success he has enjoyed over the years.